SWEETPEA — HEADLINER of Opening & Closing Night!

We are proud to announce our headlining performer for The 4th International Nerdlesque Festival at Coney Island USA, Sweetpea!

Proud nerd, lover of comic books, cartoons, and trying to be a live-action superhero. Sweetpea's hailed as a conductor of electricity, known for her fierce looks, high-powered choreography, jaw-dropping musicality, with the energy to charm any room or fill any stage.

The internationally renowned entertainer and producer has been taking her clothes off for friends, fans, and complete strangers for over 14 years. A six-time competitor at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, she holds the titles of Princess of Burlesque (2017), Duchess of Burlesque (2016), and Most Dazzling Dancer (2013). "The Energizer Honey" is also BHoF's Head of Legends Matters and produces the Titans of Tease Legends Showcase, is the director of the The Vigilantease Collective, head coach of Studio Sweet, and owner of Sweet Soiree.

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(photo by Dennis Driscoll)


Tiger Bay, “Miss Coney Island 2017,” is a New York City based burlesque performer. Her awards include 2016 AlternaTEASE “WTF” Award and the 2015 New York Burlesque Festival “Huh?” Golden Pastie Award. Tiger Bay brings her unique brand of weirdness throughout the cosmos…and beyond!

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We are thrilled to announce the FEATURE PERFORMER for the Saturday Night's Nerdlesque Festival "The Big Finish!" at Coney Island USA, Liberty Rose! 

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NASTY CANASTA — HOST & "Legend of Nerdlesque"

We are thrilled to announce that the host for Saturday Night's Nerdlesque Festival "The Big Finish!" at Coney Island USA is our first-ever "Legend of Nerdlesque,"

Nasty Canasta!

Internationally-renowned artstar (and reigning Cheese Queen of Coney Island) Nasty Canasta is frequently hailed as a genius of the neo-burlesque scene. A "burlesque queen" (The NY Times), 2nd Runner Up at the 2010 Miss Exotic World Pageant, and "Brooklyn's greatest burlesque star" (The Brooklyn Paper), Nasty is an associate producer with Wasabassco and in 2016 was honored as a "Legend of Nerdlesque" by the International Nerdlesque Festival.

Now a full-time burlesque performer, producer and costumer since 2004, Nasty draws on her years of experience in the theatre to create acts and shows that combine tease and titillation, humor, spectacle and theatricality. In addition to her burlesque performances, she teaches private and group classes, writes Showgirl Detritus - a blog about performing, producing & creating - and spent the summer of 2010 as a snake charmer and contortionist with the world-famous Coney Island Circus Sideshow in Brooklyn, NY.

See "the Girl With the 44DD Brain" LIVE hosting our second and final night of shows, Saturday April 28 at Coney Island USA.

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(photo by Alex Colb)


Fancy Feast is a professional naked person. She is Miss Coney Island 2016, Miss Bushwick Burlesque 2014, and is the recipient of the Judges' Choice Award for Most Classic at the Alternatease festival in Boston in 2014. She is known for blending humor and edge in her genre-bending performances, which is exactly how she likes it. Along with Zoe Ziegfeld, she is the co-producer of the monthly show, The Fuck You Revue. She is the producer of Hindsight and Now You See Us, Now We're Drunk, as part of the NYSB Drivers' Seat Program, as well as the creator and producer of the smash successes The Unbookables and Maim That Tune at Coney Island. In addition to her performing and producing, Fancy is a sought-after femme-cee for burlesque, comedy shows, and Bar Mitzvahs. Send your blurry nudes to @fancyburlyq.

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(photo by James A. Ridley)

The Nerdlesque Festival — 2 nights of Shows!
April 27 & 28 at CONEY ISLAND USA

The Big Finish — Saturday, April 28
Hosted by Nasty Canasta, featuring
Headliner Sweetpea
Feature Performer Liberty Rose
Guest Performance by The Vigilantease Collective
Producer Anja Keister
Producer Iris Explosion

The Grand Premiere — Friday, April 27
Hosted by Fancy Feast, featuring
Headliner Sweetpea
Feature Performer Tiger Bay
Festival Blessing by David Bishop
Special Guest Little Brooklyn
Executive Producer Lefty Lucy


Bourgeois Grenade (Greta Grenade / Blanche Bourgeois) - Los Angeles, California / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - as Sully & Boo from Monsters Inc.
Cheeky DeVine and Sammy Temper - Boston, Massachusetts - as Waldo & Carmen from Where's Waldo & Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Draco Muff-Boi - Vancouver, British Columbia - as Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter
Genome Kelly - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - as Nikola Tesla
Goldi Fox - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - as Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons
Kita St. Cyr - New York, New York - in a tribute to The Night Circus
Maggie Missile - Colorado Springs, Colorado - as Thor from The Mighty Thor
Mariposa Bop - London, England - as Media from American Gods
Mischa Mischief - Alberquerque, New Mexico - as Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter
OD Kimani - Madison, Wisconsin - as Carnage from Spiderman
Renaissance Noir - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - as Garnet from Steven Universe
Sucre à la Crème - Montréal, Québec - in a tribute to CSI: Miami

Aphrodite DeVine - Munich, Germany - in a tribute to Alien Women
Boysinberry Cupcake - Oakland, California - as an Ewok from Star Wars
Bunny Wigglebottom - Atlanta, Georgia - as Chris Farley
Elsa Riot - Boston, Massachusetts - as Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon
Esmerelda May - Jersey City, New Jersey - as Amethyst from Steven Universe
Joy Coy + Brian Botkiller - Minneapolis, Minnesota - as Rogue & Gambit from X-Men
Mary Cyn and Lewd Alfred Douglas - New York, New York - as Will & Hannibal from Hannibal
MasoKiss - Wilmington, Delaware - as Demon King from WWE
Rosey La Rouge - Brooklyn, New York - as Red from Fraggle Rock
Tootsie Von Cuspid - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - as Tamatoa from Moana
Trixie Paprika - Seattle, Washington - as Hermione from Harry Potter
Twinky Boots - New York, New York - as Neo from The Matrix
Veronica Viper - New York, New York - as the Nurse from Silent Hill