• Coney Island USA (map)
  • 1208 Surf Avenue
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11224
  • United States

Taught by Nerdlesque Fest Headliner, Sweetpea

You've seen them in videos, on the stage, and out on the dance floor: People of all shapes, sizes, and genders astoundingly swivel, jiggle, toss, and twerk their front-sides & backsides about. It's time for you to join in the fun! We'll warm up, get a little stretch in, and then you'll learn a few foundations, isolations, and basic techniques to get your own body bouncing - for the burlesque stage or the dance floor!

Level: ALL
Bring: Water, towel
Wear: Comfortable clothing you feel sexy in and your booty can be free in! Booty shorts of all flavors, sweats with great movement, etc. (Restrictive/overly supportive yoga pants not recommended)

Online Class Registration has closed.

You may register for classes in-person on Saturday at the Coney Island Shooting Gallery & Annex.