• Coney Island USA (map)
  • 1208 Surf Avenue
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11224
  • United States

Taught by Nerdlesque Fest Host, Nasty Canasta

Tired of spending time and money on reference-based striptease acts that don’t play outside of specific theme shows? Frustrated by carbon-copy numbers drawing from the same source material? Learn how to craft a truly unique nerdlesque performance that will stand out no matter the reference and wow any burlesque audience, no matter the show.

A truly successful nerdlesque act builds on a character or reference while paying tribute to the original; it appeals to a wide audience, from superfan aficionados to those with no familiarity with the source material; and (like any good neo-burlesque performance) is above all a showcase of the individual performer, where her unique personality and distinctive style shine through. In this lecture-and-discussion-based class, nerdlesque legend Nasty Canasta draws on over a dozen years experience to help bring you into the next generation of nerdlesque performance! This class is open to performers of all genders and experience levels.

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You may register for classes in-person on Saturday at the Coney Island Shooting Gallery & Annex.