• The Beauty Bar (map)
  • 231 East 14th Street
  • New York, NY, 10003
  • United States

Burlesque Hall of Fame Legend Pillow has been performing nerdy burlesque since 1976! Spend an hour at Nerdlesque Festival HQ, The Beauty Bar, to hear stories about performing burlesque at the dawn of Sci-Fi staples like Star TrekStar Wars and beyond! PLUS a brief q & a session! 

Presented with the New York School of Burlesque


An avid Klingon Language enthusiast, Rennie Faire character, Pirate Lass and fledgling Drag King, Pillow also enjoys notoriety as a bonafide Legend in the world of Neo-Burlesque Nerd-dom. Winning the Miss Exotic World title in 1995, the former bodybuilder (1978 thru the 1990s) had begun a seeming lifetime of ecdysiasy (taking your clothes off onstage) and 'dressing-up-in-costume-when-it's-not-Halloween' (what we called it before the word 'CosPlay' was coined) in San Francisco in 1976 (underage at the time, you understand...) until her untimely retirement in 2000. Now she enjoys travel, performing for new audiences, riding rollercoasters and searching for the BEST Parties at Renaissance Fairs and Sci-Fi Events.