LEFTY LUCY - executive producer

Lefty Lucy is the Executive Producer of the original Nerdlesque Festival in New York City (April 27-29, 2018) reigned as Miss Coney Island in 2011, and recently won the titles of "Master of Comedy" and "Master of Improv" in the 2016 Louisiana Burlypicks.

When she isn't taking her clothes off, she is putting them on others as the Costume & Props Mistress for the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival and for various immersive theater projects around the country. Follow her on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook to find out more!

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Known as "The Dicey Dame" Anja Keister has been performing burlesque since 2010. Most known for founding and co-producing her nerdlesque show, D20 Burlesque, since 2011, Anja is also a co-producer of Dungeons & Drag Kings, and has been on the Nerdlesque production team for three of its four years. 

Anja has brought nerdy shows to large conventions like DEXCON, Gen Con, and the Escapist Expo. She has also moderated panels on women in gaming at PAX East, PAX Prime and The Escapist Expo. In the burlesque world, she has performed at the festivals all over the country winning "Most Comedic Burlesque Act" at the 2015 Great Southern Burlesque Expo and the Judge's Choice ("Beautiful Naked Soul") at Alterna-Tease in 2017. She has been featured on,CollegeHumor.com, Geek.com, been featured in ChickPea Magazine, dubbed a Burlesque star of the Nerdlesque scene by Time Out NY and called "The Sexiest Nerd in NYC" by The New York Times.


Megan is a longtime theatre director and producer, enthusiastic Burlesque n00b, and a prophecied Nerd since birth. Currently based in New York, she has directed on both sides of the Atlantic, including Boston, Nashville, and England. She directed the 2014 SLAM winner in Boston and was honored with "Best Direction" in the 2014 Playwrights' Platform Festival.

Since 2013, Megan makes an annual pilgrimage to the tip of Cape Cod, to work with the Provincetown Tennesee Williams Theater Festival. Additional credits include Assistant Director for Curvy Widow Off Broadway in the Westside Theatre and the Literary Associate/Executive Assistant to the Artistic Director at Barrington Stage Company. 

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Stormageddon is a host, DJ, podcaster and producer hailing from Brooklyn, NY.  He deejays shows for Wasabassco, The Pink Room, Rabbit Hole Productions, D20 Burlesque and of course he is the official DJ of the Nerdlesque Festival. He also hosts, deejays and is a producing member of Magical Girl Burlesque. He has three different podcasts he hosts, the Crash Chords Podcast - a weekly album review and analysis show, CC: Autographs - a bi-weekly interview podcast and the "Fun" and Games Podcast - a bi-weekly video discussion and analysis podcast. All of his podcasts can be found on most podcast hosting providers.  

He is nerdy about a great many things like video games, board games, TV, movies and comics but none of that rivals his nerdy love of music of all different kinds. He’s on a crusade to save the world one song at a time and he loves creating theme specific playlists for the many shows and parties he works. https://www.facebook.com/stormageddonnyc/ 


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Born completely naked, Hell’s resident belle Heart Crimson is a (formerly New York) newly Chicago-based burlesque performer/producer, alternative model, and stage manager.

Since their performing debut in 2013, they founded the Co-Conspirators, a rough-and-tumble burlesque troupe based in White Plains, New York. The Co-Conspirators’ focus on intersectionality and DIY have gotten them called “the garage band of burlesque.”

Heart’s previous exploits include performing all over NYC, including at Coney Island and Galapagos Art Space. With the Co-Conspirators, they’ve produced and performed in numerous shows, including Alfred Hitchcock Undressed, which is exactly what it sounds like, and BURLEXES: an Ode to Post-Relationship.

Nasty Canasta

Internationally-renowned artstar (and reigning Cheese Queen of Coney Island) Nasty Canasta is frequently hailed as a genius of the neo-burlesque scene. A "burlesque queen" (The NY Times), Runner Up at the 2010 Miss Exotic World Pageant, and "Brooklyn's greatest burlesque star" (The Brooklyn Paper), Nasty is an associate producer with Wasabassco, and was host and producer of Naked Girls Reading NYCSweet & Nasty Burlesque and Pinchbottom Burlesque. She is the winner of 10 Golden Pastie Awards from The New York Burlesque Festival, has been included multiple times on the 21st Century Burlesque “Top 50 Burlesque Performers” list, and in 2016 was honored as a "Legend of Nerdlesque" by the New York Nerdlesque Festival.

Now a full-time burlesque performer and producer since 2004, Nasty draws on her years of experience in the theatre to create acts and shows that combine tease and titillation, humor, spectacle and theatricality. She wrote and produced The Case of The Falling Starlet and The Speakeasy Stiff(burlesque radio murder mystery plays for the stage), Wasabassco's KONGStripper Macbeth, The Thing With 10,000 Pasties, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of The Scarlet Buttcheek and A 70's Christmas Carol, and co-stars in Chris Harder's Nasty Drew And That Harder Boy mysteries. She has been a featured performer at various burlesque festivals in the US and Canada; headlined the Montreal Bagel Burlesque Expo in 2015; toured eastern Canada with the Towers of Tease in the summer of 2016; and hosted the 2017 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and the 2017 Nerdlesque Festival in New York City. In addition to her burlesque performances, she teaches private and group classes, writes Showgirl Detritus - a blog about performing, producing & creating - and spent the summer of 2010 as a snake charmer and contortionist with the world-famous Coney Island Circus Sideshow in Brooklyn, NY. 


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Iris Explosion, the Mimic Octopus of Burlesque, is a certified ecdysiast from the New York School of Burlesque, who has been blowing minds and busting guts across the country since 2010. Iris specializes in bringing silly, nerdy, and brain bending nudity to the stage. Her meta stripteases about striptease have headlined at home and the West Coast, and she's had the honor of being featured at The Great Burlesque Exposition, The Philadelphia Burlesque Festival, and the Florida Burlesque Festival. She is one of the founding producers of the Nerdlesque Festival, and a principal member of D20 Burlesque, with whom she tours national gaming conventions. In 2015, Iris was awarded “Beautiful Weirdo” at the Alternatease festival in Boston.

 Photo by Photolena

Photo by Photolena


Loretta Jean is The Acadame with Game and a founding member and producer of Nerd Girl Burlesque. Select performance credits include Nerdlesque Fest (New York), The Toronto Burlesque Festival, PrideTO, Red Rum's Satanic Panic (Chicago), and the Southwest Burlesque Showcase. She is also a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto's Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. Her dissertation is an oral history and ethnographic study of nerdlesque in three hub cities for the genre (Toronto, New York, Seattle). Her performance and academic work have been profiled in Canada's largest newspaper, The Toronto Star and she has been quoted in Penthouse magazine talking about nerdlesque. She has guest lectured and delivered papers on nerdlesque, burlesque history, and popular performance at the University of Toronto, NYU, the Popular Culture Association conference, and for the Atlas Obscura historical society.